Hi!My name is Silvia,I’m 17 and I live in a small town from Romania …I’m very friendly, If you are gonna be nice to me ,I’m going to be nice to you,too..(bla bla and all those useless information,I don’t like to talk about me,but I saw that my viewers wanna know something „about me”)..and I’m funny,too..even my blog is a little bit somber..
I created this blog,because I really like to write and express my deepest thoughts,to compose short stories and to write about life in general.I really hope that my blog inspires you and you learn something from what I write here,I put all my being and soul in what I create..and I will let my creations to talk about me..and DO NOT forget to smile,because life can be beautiful,if you have a smile on your face.Be strong even, the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.DSCF2358


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