The other side of her soul

DSCF0410I sit on the top of the rock and i look at the beauty that the nature created.It’s pure art and nobody can persuade this to change,cause it is magic. But just because I’m telling you this story, doesn’t mean I’m alive at the end of it.Maybe i write this on the sand or on an old notebook.

Sea is one minute tired and depressed, the next, anxious and angry .Listen to the waves that slowly hit the rocks ,waves upon waves .The blue water is amazing and she sings a song that i love to hear.The sound slowly dissappears,but it comes right away when it hits the black rocks and the sand that fades away in the madness of the waves.I feel the cold water that slowly hit my warm body and cools me down .The rain starts and the waves become more and more powerfull.I live this moment like it’s my last one and maybe it is.

I start running away and then i come back to the rock and i jump .My body flies in the rain and i remember what an old friend of mine who was a swimmer exactly like me,once said to me that” You should open your heart and eyes to the wolrd and adventure,have no fear,because that the beauty of art,just let it go.”Now my heart bleeds dauntless blood.

The beauty of the sea, sorrounds me it’s incredible ,lots of species are dancing in the frozen water and i don’t even notice that the water is so cold .You can see the thrill that those colorful fishes have when they make those marvelous coregraphy.I notice that after the dance they split away just like us,we all have different paths and life’s and so do them.I need air so i swim back to the top and a huge wave is comming ,this is where my heart beats hardest,but i wanna feel how it hits my body..The water captures me and i know that maybe there’s no future in it,but this is a present worth remembering.